This is a work-in-progress page where I collect some of the projects I have worked on, with the goal of showing my skills with statistical analysis, visualizations, and coding (R and Stata).

Turning regression models inside out

In this project, I show how to use R to turn regression models "inside out." This is a method developed by Arizona Regents Professor of Sociology Ronald Breiger and his colleagues. Click here to see the project. A PDF version of the tutorial is available here.

When politicians tweet exclamation points

Was it me, or did Trump tweet a lot of exclamation points? In this project, I try to answer this question. I used rtweet to scrape a few thousand tweets from the Twitter handle of 10 politicians, then I used ggplot to visualize the result. Click here to see the project.

Racial disparities in COVID-19 in Louisiana

In this project, I revisit the most striking result from my work with the Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, where I was the chair of the Data and Analysis Subcommittee. Click here to see this project. (The full report is available here.)

White suicide in the United States

In this project, I revisit my research on the link between suicide and employment among white residents of the United States in 2000-2016. I used Tableau to show interactively the trend in suicide and the relationship between suicide and employment in each state. The Tableau dashboard is available at this link.