This is a work-in-progress page where I collect some of my projects to show my skills with statistical analysis, visualizations, and coding. I use R, several tidyverse packages, R Markdown, rtweet, httr and jsonlite to work with APIs, and dashboard tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio. I also created a GitHub repository containing the SQL queries necessary to complete a popular tutorial.

Turning regression models inside out

In this project, I show how to use R to turn regression models "inside out." This is a method developed by Arizona Regents Professor of Sociology Ronald Breiger and his colleagues. Click here to see the project. A PDF version of the tutorial is available here.

When politicians tweet exclamation points

Was it me, or did Trump tweet a lot of exclamation points? In this project, I try to answer this question. I used rtweet to scrape a few thousand tweets from the Twitter handle of 10 politicians, then I used ggplot to visualize the result. Click here to see the project

Racial disparities in COVID-19 in Louisiana

In this project, I revisit the most striking result from my work with the  Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, where I was the chair of the Data and Analysis Subcommittee. Click here to see this project. (The full report is available here.)

White suicide in the United States

In this project, I revisit my research on the link between suicide and employment among white residents of the United States in 2000-2016. I used Tableau to show interactively the trend in suicide and the relationship between suicide and employment in each state. The Tableau dashboard is available at this link.

Does the popularity of a name predict its age?

This is a fun project I did to practice using APIs with R. I collected data on the most popular names in the United States in the last 100 years (source: the Social Security Administration) and used Agify’s API to find the predicted age of a person having those names. I plot the data with ggplot2. So, does the popularity of a name predict its age? Well, if we look at the most popular names in the last century, not so much. See the project at this link.

Suicide trends in the United States by race

In this project, I use another dashboard tool (Google Data Studio) to show the racial trends in suicide in the United States. Overall, suicide increased for almost two decades before declining in 2018. However, when you take race into account, you realize that this decline did not occur among all groups. I think these recent trends will generate some very interesting research in the years ahead. See the project at this link

SQL tutorial

Most academics do not work with databases, so they do not use SQL for their research. SQL is a key tool to learn if you want to explore a career outside of academia. There are some good news: SQL is quite straightforward, and there are many free resources to learn it. One of the best is the tutorial on the data platform Mode. I created a GitHub repository to collect all the SQL queries from the Mode tutorial. It's a work in progress, but eventually this will become a great one-page resource for everyone who want to learn, refresh, or quickly find a solution to anything SQL-related.